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One moment in a day, one day to hear a story, one story at a time can make a difference.  
- Co-Founder Mama Linda Goss

Brother Blue Confesses
By Thomas Southern
New York, NY

This video is based on Brother Blue's Soul Shout "Miss No Name." Brother Blue, a.k.a. Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill, Ph.D., street  performer, spiritual teacher, ordained minister confesses his love for his "sweet lady" Ruth Edmonds whom he married in 1950.They presented a picture of an extra-ordinary marriage, a bond of love that radiates out to embrace us all.  Bro. Blue died Nov. 3, 2009 at their home in Cambridge.    

Oba William King
Chicago, Il

Original Song: I Love My People

Ballad of Harry Moore 
Performed by TAHIRA Akua TAHIRA
Claymont, DE

Langston Hughes penned the poem, The Ballad of Harry Moore, after the civil rights activist and his wife, Henrietta Moore were assassinated on Dec. 25, 1951. The dynamic group, Sweet Honey & The Rock later put music to it.