Thank you to All Our 2020 - 2021 Generous Donors

What you give, you get ten times over  - Yoruba


Jason Capital







  $10,000 Challenge 

America Grant 




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Thomas Southern



$1000 and up
Janice Greene
Sandra Williams Bush
Janice Greene
DiscoverMe/Recover Me



 $250 and up

Bunjo Butler
Kwanza Brewer
Beverly Burnette
Beverly Cottman 
Rosa Ashby Metoyer
Antoinette Simmons
Blackstorytelling League of Rochester,
NY Inc..(BLR)
Kwanza Brewer
Janice Burnett
Melissa Reaves






Brother Blue and Ruth Hill


  $100 and up
Dylan Pritchett
Martha Ruff
Karen Abdul-Malik
Cheryl Mosley
Ken Cutler
Gwendolyn Hilary
Razi Zarchy
Bernard & Laura Carson
Michele Slung (In Memory of 
Lawanda Randall)
Oni Lasana


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Judy Bateman
Nicholas Pawlowski
Neshama Franklin
Elaine Trueblood
Laurie Pines
Norman Perrin
Linda Gorham
Juliette Wallace
Jana Bennett
Janice Burnett




$500 and up
Vanora Legaux
Dr. MaryAnn Harris
ASE:Chicago Association of 
Black Storytellers
Griots' Circle of Maryland
Network For Good
Janice Curtis Greene
Queen Nur
Barbara Eady
Gloria Elder/Kuumba
Jeffrey Velker



$50 and up
Diane Macklin
Sue Kessler
Kathy Catanho
Dan Lee
Terry Ziolkowski
Manda Lillie
Sharon Suber
Eleanor Massie
Six Feet Apart Productions


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Ruth Blake
Mary Jo Doig
Tim Ereneta
Angela Lloyd
Susan Billings
Michael Katz
Claire Castell
Anne Rutherford
James Surano
Ilene Fischer
Alexandra Baumhardt
Amber Johnston
Ahmad Njoya
Heather Townsend
Noelle Pacara




One takes care of one's own: when a bachelor roast yam,
he shares it with his sheep
- Yoruba


Please consider making a gift to NABS in your will and financial plan. 

Heartfelt thanks to all who have supported the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. 
with financial and in-kind contributions through the years!