Thank you to All Our 2017 - 2018 Generous Donors

What you give, you get ten times over  - Yoruba

 $15,000 Wichita
Griots Storytelling Institute


 $10,000 Challenge 
America Grant 


$7500 AATP Grant








Diane Williams

Nothondo Zulu

$1000 and up

 LA Storytelling  Association, Inc
Janice Curtis Greene
Laura L. Carson

$250 and up

David & Ruth Anderson
Sandra Williams Bush
Beverly Burnette
Beverly Cottman
Janice Curtis Greene
Gwendolyn Hilary
Kuumba Storytellers of GA
Martha Ruff
Diane Williams
ASE Chicago Assoc. of Black Storytellers
Detroit Assoc. of Black Storytellers
Deborah Fakunle



$100 and up

Nothondo Zulu
Bunjo Butler
Charles E. Brown III
Jane Crouse

Jennie Crittenden
Saundra Gilliard
Barbara Eady
Ruth Hill
Gwendolyn Hilary
Steven Hobbs

Regina Holmes
Amy Jackson
Amy Johnson
Vanora Franklin Legaux
Onawumi Jean Moss
Toni Simmons
Thelma Ruffin Thomas
Cynthia Tompkins
Denise Kimbrough
Karen Abdul-Malik



Up to $25

Johnny Bellamy
Gwendolyn Chamberlain
Dr. Joyce Duncan
Andrea Fain
Mae Threadgill
Amanda Winters
Donna Willingham



$500 and up

Diane Williams
Tanya Jackson Smith

 Amy W. Jackson
Mama Linda Goss
Griots' Circle of Maryland


$50 and

Vickie Slaughter
Karen Burdett
Barbara Fields Bonner
Myriette Eckechukwu
Mama Linda Goss
William I. Hairston
Gail Livingston
Thomas Southern
Caroline Grayson
Jacquelyn Wright
Felecia TInker



 $25 and up
Karima Amin
Denise Chapman-Acosta
David Anderson
Josephine Anderson
Ruth Anderson

Lyn Cabral
Risa Wolf
Sylvia Yancy Davis
Lynette Ford
Cynthia Galloway
Linda Gorham
Gwen Hilary
Deacon Alfred Mitchell
Eldores Cupp Cameron 
Denise Chapman-Acosta
Anthony L. Ford
Rebecca King
Vickie Slaughter
Priscilla Best:
Felecia Tinker
Victoria Smith
Ruth Hill
Roy Harris
Milbre Burch
Saundra Gilliard
Rosa Mytoyer


One takes care of one's own: when a bachelor roast yam,
he shares it with his sheep
- Yoruba


Please consider making a gift to NABS in your will and financial plan. 

Heartfelt thanks to all who have supported the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. 
with financial and in-kind contributions through the years!