42ndAnnual National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference

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                  Zora Neale Hurston Award

               This is the highest Award given by the National Association of Black Storytellers. This Award
                recognizes an individual whose body of work, accomplishments, and experiences has had a
                historic, regional, national and/or international impact in preserving and perpetuating the arts,
                culture, and humanities from the African Diaspora. These categories include: storytelling,
                folklore, literature, material culture, fiber arts, performing arts, spoken word, visual arts, theater,
                 dance, history, folk & traditional arts, music, journalism, education, anthropology, etc. Up to
                 three (3) individuals may receive the Zora Neale Hurston Award. A person may be nominated
                 for the award if nominee has made transition between the immediate past NABS Festival and
                 Conference and the immediate deadline of the upcoming Festival.


                 ______ Brother Blue Circle of Elders Award

               This Award recognizes the contributions and honored presence of Elders in the Storytelling
               Community. The nominee must meet the following requirements:
               *Be over 60 years of age *Have been a member for at least three years
               *A financial member of NABS *Have attended at least three NABS Festivals

                Up to six (6) individuals may be inducted into the Circle.


                _____Charles Edward Brown and Linda Jenkins Brown Nia Award for Service -

               This Award is given to a financial NABS member whose commitment, work ethic, and
               dedication promotes and embodies the vision, mission, and spirit of NABS and its programs.
               Up to two (2) individuals may receive this award.


                Baba Jamal Koram Harambee Youth Award

                Category I – Age 7-10 Category II – Age 11-14 Category III – Age 15 – 18
                Category IV - Youth group of an affiliate or youth group of a financial NABS member.

                 The NOMINEES must meet the following requirements : (except for the Zora
                 Neale Hurston Award )

                1. A financial member for NABS
                2. Be involved in storytelling events or activities in his/her community.
                3. Have attended at least one NABS festival.
                4. Be a positive role model.

                *DEADLINE : June 15, 2024 


                 Mail Nominations to:
                  NABS Awards Nominations
                  c/o Chetter Galloway
                  P.O. Box 52031
                  Atlanta, Georgia 30355

                 Questions? Call Chetter (503) 989 - 8802
                 Email: [email protected]