Adopt-A-Teller Program 


We were:
Blazin' in Baltimore
Phenomenal in Philly
On it in Oakland
Breakin' it Down in Berea

Culture-deep in Cleveland
Dynamite in Detroit
Kickin' it in Kansas
Masterful in Milwaukee 
Sensational in San Diego
Triumphant in Tampa
Wordsmithin' in Winston-Salem 
Over the top in Orlando 
Rockin' in Rochester
Proverbial in Providence
Nurturing in New Orleans 
At it in Atlanta
Cipherin' in Cincinnati
Rippin' it in Richmond
Lightin' it up in Little Rock
Magnificent in Minneapolis
Happenin' in Hampton

Champion in Chicago
Dazzling in DC
Phat in Philly
Word Wingin' in Wichita
    'Re-Verberating' in Raleigh           Victorious Virtually
Monumental in Montgomery
Back in Baltimore
Sayin' Somethin' in Salt Lake City 
AND NOW        


 will be

         Bodacious in Buffalo

October 2024

We are pleased to announce that members of the National Association of Black Storytellers 
(NABS) from across the nation are coming to Buffalo, New York October 21 through October 27, 2024.

We will be celebrating Black Storytelling with our 42nd Annual National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference. Our four-day event, October 24-27, includes workshops, storytelling concerts, a hilarious world-renowned liar’s contest, youth storytellers, and a dynamic scholars’ panel,

A special highlight of our conference is our week of FREE Adopt-A-Teller Program (AATP), offering performances to eligible venues beginning October 21, 2024, and a free public concert.

What is the Adopt-A-Teller Program?
The Adopt-A-Teller model began in 1991 in Horry Co./Georgetown Co. SC at the Ninth National Festival of Black Storytelling under the leadership of NABS 2nd President, Eleanora E. Tate. Since then, over 186,400 students and adults have enjoyed our programs. Through AATP your venue has an opportunity to host an experienced, dynamic, nationally renowned storyteller FREE and without the added expense of providing travel and lodging expenses (if eligible by criteria).

Our tellers have a wealth of stories that celebrate African-centered traditions from around the world. For students, we offer workshops, performances, residencies, and customized programs. Our stories and workshops help improve listening, critical thinking, and oratory skills. They also enhance self-esteem and stimulate the desire to read. For teachers, parents, librarians and community service providers, we offer courses in storytelling and in the use of storytelling techniques as educational tools.

Who Hosts Adopt-A-Tellers?

Schools, libraries, museums, arts councils, colleges & universities, cultural organizations, living residences, community groups and more.

The Venue is required to pick up and return the assigned Teller to and from the host hotel. (The teller needs to be at the venue 40 minutes before the designated start time.) Embassy Suites Hotel, 200 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, New York 14202.

        What are the criteria for Eligibility?

Our programs are FREE due to the generous funding of the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Nora Roberts Foundation, 

        One or more of the following criteria are necessary:

  • primary audience members “underrepresented," (ex. Black or African American)
  • Title I school
  • primary audience members classified as low income

        What Programs are Available?

         45-minute Performances:  

  •   Single 
  •   Back-to-Back
  •   Workshop

        Customized programs designed upon request.

        Selections of dates will be between October 21- October 26 on a first come, first serve                   basis. October 21 to 23 dates and times are limited.

        Free Criteria-Based Programming Rates

A limited number of criteria-based programs for underserved populations are offered at no program cost due to the generosity of our funders, The National Endowment for the Arts and The Nora Roberts Foundation.

There is an application fee of $75.00 per storytelling service

        Upon acceptance of application, NABS AATP administration, will contact you.

Artistic Service    Program Rate   Application Fee
Single Performance        0 $75
Single Workshop 0  $75
Back-to-Back Performance 0  $150





Bunjo Butler 443-622-0273 
Karen Abdul-Malik 609-680-4831
[email protected]