2017 Festival Quotes 



Sylvia Yancy DavisThe membership committee put out a living welcome mat for our first time attendees.    Everyone who entered the room was showered with love and encouraged to listen, learn and participate in what turned out to be a very lively and spirited testimonial of what NABS is to each of us. We laughed, cried ,we sang and danced and I heard more than one person say that the Spirit was moving in that room.

Membership committee also introduced the Family Recruitment Award. It's a friendly competition among affiliates. If you are not a member of an affiliate, you may compete on your own. Recruit the most new members and have your name or affiliate's name engraved on the roaming trophy.Trophy

Sylvia Yancy Davis - Membership Chair
Rosa Ashby Metoyer- NABS Care

  Gwendolyn Napier - KUUMBA President

Special Thanks from Kuumba Storytellers Of Georgia Members and Congratulations to Dr. C. REED, National Association of Black Storytellers Festival & Conference Director.

 The 35th Annual National Association of Black Storytellers Festival & Conference was Memorable, Inspiring, Creative, Energetic, Motivating,Spiritual, Healing, Connecting , Forgiving, Giving, Encouraging, Lovable, Resourceful, Educational, Enjoyable and Unconditionally an Event to Remember.  Dr.Reed, we appreciate, NABS Co-Founders, and the Entire NABS Staff, Family and Friends for an "Outstanding Job " from Opening Day to the last Day of the Festival. "Thank You ".

Remembering the Excitement from the 35th Annual National Association of Black Storytellers Festival & Conference in Wichita, Kansas .I had an Awesome Time in Wichita, Kansas and the Festival and Conference had an impact on the City starting at the Airport. Wichita,Kansas Welcomed us to the City.I had a great time coming in from the Airport and greeted by the Excellent Shuttle services to the Beautiful Wichita Marriott Hotel.


JeremyMeadowsJeremey Meadows, Youth Featured Teller

"Besides being a featured teller at NABS, I am really glad that I had the chance to go to Wichita, Kansas. The elders were pretty cool in my book, like Mother Minter, Baba Jamal, and Mama Linda. The best part of the whole conference was the stories. Some of the stories made me sad but most made me laugh in happiness. Some other stories I just didn't understand because I'm a youth. During the conference, I met the author Sharon Draper. I've read one of Sharon Draper's books called "Ziggy and The Black Dinosaur." It was a nice time being at NABS."


 Mary J. Grant   Past DABS President

Wichita Storytelling Came With Benefits

A big question was answered.  What good can happen in Wichita Kansas?  I had a great time at the NABS Storytelling Festival, November8 - 12, 2017.Now,I understand what the theme of the conference "From Chains to Wings meant. My personal experience of dropping my chains (shyness)to wings (I can be a more successful storyteller).  One thing about Black Storytelling, it's always filled with surprises and wonderment of how this story is going to end.

 Thanks NABS for delivering a prize package and I can't wait until next.


 "I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the African American Museum at the church in Wichita."

 ~Mother Amy Jackson on the Heritage Tour Wichita, KS Festival 35