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Recent events and actions in our communities have necessitated an unequivocal response, globally, by attentive voices. The National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. has responded to these events and actions with a statement,  The Issue of Safety In Our Communities has been Intensified by the Ferguson, MO Grand Jury Decision. The National Association of Black Storytellers will be joining other artists and concerned activists by lending our voices in solidarity to movements fighting against racial injustice, inequalities in the judiciary system and the day-to-day frustrations of “living while Black”. As Amilcar Cabral taught us, “Our struggle must be waged on all levels of the life of our people”. Therefore, we will do what we do best, tell our stories and “let our voices ring with the sounds of liberty, justice and unity”. The members of the Education Committee, in a collective call for action are asking for videos that will be posted to NABS YouTube Channel.  

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Participants must share a story for video submission utilizing two or more of the following themes:
    • NABS Statement on the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri
    • The Grand Jury decision in Staten Island, New York
    • Historical references to other social justice movements in Black communities, e.g., paralleling #BlackLivesMatter movement with the Black Panthers’ Movement
    • Historical parallels to other movements of collective action, e.g. Montgomery Bus Boycott or the student inspired Sit-In Movement of the 1960’s.
    • Stories of victory and survival when faced with racism and injustice
    • Calls for collective action from the community:
      • Federal intervention on the grand jury decisions
      • Peaceful protests
    • Give voice to contemporary social justice issues in the Black community
    • Issues surrounding police brutality and inequalities in the judicial system
    • Issues surrounding the mass incarceration of African Americans:
      • The prison industrial complex
      • Political prisoners
      2.  In a demonstration of Umoja, stories must begin with one of the following statements:
    1. “When a system is unjust, our voices must be heard.”
    2. “When a community is suffering, our voices must be heard.”
    3. “When children and families are hurting, our voices must be heard.”
    4. “When a process has been compromised and corrupted, our stories must be told.”
       3.  This is not a contest; awards will not be granted. The Committee is recommending a video length of 5 minutes. You may submit more than once, however, all videos will be vetted by the Education
             Committee using the following basic criteria:
      • Must be a financial member of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc.
      • No profanity nor pornographic material or images used in the video
      • Stories must be presented in the African Oral Tradition
      • Stories should reflect or encompass Blackstorytelling
      • Participants must agree to Rules of Submission
       4.  Start date for submission:

Participants may submit their video on or any day after December 26, 2014. The stories will be reviewed weekly by the Education Committee and posted to the NABS YouTube Channel by the Social Media Coordinator, Denise Valentine. 
For Sample Video See:  TAHIRA's Ballad of Harry Moore
For Questions please contact: Dr. Caroliese Frink Reed, Education Chair at [email protected]

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