Festival And Conference Highlights


* PRE-FESTIVAL EVENT - The Griots’ Circle of Maryland welcomes NABS back HOME!! An
 evening of Baltimore’s finest storytellers, entertainers and others welcoming us to
 “The Center of The Universe! (Transportation provided from the hotel)


* BALTIMORE AFRICAN-AMERICAN TOUR - Hampton National Historic Site is the most northern,
 southern slave plantation that the federal government owns located in the suburbs of Baltimore City. 
 Come see probably the most intact slave plantation in the country.  You can walk through the 
original slave quarters, overseer's house and big house and much more! ALSO, at the Great
Blacks in Wax Museum you will discover things about your history that you did not know. See
 African American history and prominent African Americans from the past and present immortalized
 in wax including our beloved Mother Mary Carter Smith!


 those who have brought us this far! A concert of honor, storytelling and song ending with our
 cherished Mother Mary Carter Smith Love Circle!


* STORYTELLING CONCERTS - Featuring the finest musical, poetic and verbally gifted storytellers
on Earth! Nuff said…


* AKWABAA GATHERING - First-Time attendees, new members and old-timers gather to receive tips
 on how to get the most out of their Festival & Conference experience and NABS!


* VILLAGE STORYTELLING CONCERT - Members of our fourteen affiliates share their unique
storytelling prowess!


* YOUTH & ADULT LIARS’ CONTEST – Giving the youth and adults an opportunity to lie and be
 rewarded for it! Always a popular, not-to-miss event!


* SPECIAL TRIBUTES Keepers of The Culture, Inc. and The Griots’ Circle of Maryland, Inc. will
 present special tributes to our Co-Founders Mama Linda Goss and Mother Mary Carter Smith
 during the Circle of Elders’ Concert and the Spiritual Storytelling Concert.


* AFRICAN AMERICAN MARKETPLACE with African imports, Afro-centric wearable art, African
 American literature, Black art, Karamu Corner, craft demonstrations and intriguing wares.


* SPECIAL AUCTION ITEMS – Selected items from Mother Mary Carter Smith’s estate!